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Cocktail Tables (Either Standing or Sitting Height)

• 18” Round Cocktail Tables-$4.25
• 30” Round Cocktail Tables-$4.50
• 30” Square-$4.50
• Cocktail Table Light-$8.00

Round Tables

• 3ft Round Table-$8.25
• 4ft Round Table-$8.75
• 5ft Round Table-$9.25

Rectangular Tables

• 6ft Rectangular Tables-$8.50
• 8ft Rectangular Tables-$9.00
• 6ft X 1ó Conference Tables-$5.00

Table Linens

• Napkins- Basic Polyester-$.75 each Majestic-$2.25 each
• 6ft Rectangular Drape- Basic Polyester-$15.00 each Majestic-$25.00 each
• 8ft Rectangular Drape- Basic Polyester-$17.50 each Majestic-$27.50 each
• 60”X120” Rectangular Table Cloth- Basic Polyester-$11.00 each Majestic-$16.50 each
• 90” Round Table Cloth- Basic Polyester-$13.00 each Majestic-$18.00 each
• 108” Round Table Cloth- Basic Polyester$15.00 each Majestic-$23.00 each
• 120” Round Table Cloth- Basic Polyester-$17.50 each Majestic-$25.00 each
• 54” Square Table Cloth- Basic Polyester-$7.00 each
• 72” Square- Basic Polyester-$9.00 each Majestic-$14.75 each
• Table Skirts-$13.00-$24.00 each
• Chair Covers-$5.00 each
• Chair Ties-$5.00 each
• Table Runners-$6.25 each

Please note that we have a limited amount of Linens in stock. To be sure you get exactly
what you are looking for, PLEASE contact us AT LEAST TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE of
your event in case we need to special order any linens we do not have.

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